It is our plan to develop further our activities at the school to help the environment.  This is important due to the problems facing the globe and particularly pertinent with COP 26 taking place in Scotland in November.  These are big issues but in a small way we can encourage our boys and staff to play their part with your help.

We have appointed one ‘Eco Warrior’ from each class in Year 1 – 4 to bring forward ideas.  This follows on from classroom discussions and will be ongoing over the year.  One responsibility for each boy will be switching off lights in empty rooms and checking that paper goes for recycling or into a scrap paper drawer.

Our Challenge this week

Trees are incredibly important to our environment, not only for their important role in soaking up carbon dioxide and giving our oxygen but also for their beauty and for their use in furniture, building etc.

We would like you to go for a country walk and identify four species of trees that are currently producing seeds in nut form.  The boys should look at their bark, leaves and seeds.  The trees are the Oak, Beech, Horse Chestnut and Sweet Chestnut. We would love the boys either to bring in some of these seeds and leaves, or alternatively email your photos to your teachers.  Do be aware of any allergies and remember these seeds and nuts are not for eating!  Have fun!

Mr Hutchison