For those parents with sons registered for Tonbridge, the school will have written to you recently confirming the date and time of your son’s visit – there are two groups attending Tonbridge next week. As the interview session starts at 2:00pm, parents are welcome to collect their sons between 1:00pm and 1:15pm (after lunch) on their allocated day, where you can sign him out with Mr. Probert outside The New Beacon Centre.

Your son will need to wear his New Beacon school uniform but does not need to take any school-related equipment with him. If you have any further queries relating to any of the above, please contact Tonbridge School directly.

Other schools will no doubt be contacting those registered in the not-too-distant future with details of their interview processes and the day they would like your son(s) to attend. Do, please, keep us updated as not all schools forward this information directly to us – we can then ensure any further interview preparation can be arranged (if needed) and we are aware when your son will be absent from school to attend his interview.

We wish all boys the very best of luck with their interviews for all schools.