‘Be Safe – Be Seen’

We have now received our new stock of reflective armbands for those dark winter evenings when The New Beacon boys will be expected to wear their two armbands on the upper sleeve of their outer garment which may be the blazer or school coat.  Whichever is chosen should be worn by the boy every day coming to school and going home.

These reflective armbands may be sewn (a few stitches) or pinned to each sleeve. We would also encourage you to write your son’s name on the reverse side of each armband.

Our New Beacon uniform is dark and wearing the reflective / fluorescent armbands enables all road users to see them.

With this in mind, we encourage you to avail yourselves of the opportunity to purchase a set of armbands directly from the school. Should you want the school to supply your son with a set of reflective armbands, please advise your son’s form teacher accordingly via a note in his contact book (Middle and Senior School). Pre-Prep and Junior School parents should advise form teachers via an email.

Cost: £3.00 per set (billed direct to your school account)

All boys must be wearing armbands by Monday, 8 November.

Advice for New Beacon drivers

Remember that pedestrians walking along the drive may not see you, so slow right down and drive sensibly, particularly around corners and at the zebra crossings where all boys should cross. Please use your lights when entering the school premises and in poor visibility. ‘Be safe – be seen’.

Mr Knipe