Thank you to all those parents and boys who took up the challenge of going for a walk to identify The Oak tree, the Horse Chestnut, the Sweet Chestnut and the Beech and to bring back the seeds so that each class could grow two or three of these for the “Plant a Tree for the Queen’s Jubilee.

I am pleased to say we have had support from Sevenoaks District Council who are looking for sites where we could plant them and we have also received an offer from Swanley District Council to take multiple trees grown by the boys of Pre-prep and Junior School for the Queen’s Jubilee.  What a lovely thing for the boys to see the trees grow over the years, as they grow towards year eight and beyond.  If there are parents who would like one or more of these trees, please let me know .  A plaque could be attached explaining who planted the trees and when so that the boys could see their tree/s over the years.  We hope to have Horse Chestnuts, Sweet Chestnuts and hopefully Oaks although there has been a dearth of acorns this year.  Each class will prepare the flower pots, plant the seeds and water and tender the plants as they grow mainly on the class windowsills and watch their progress.  It should be fun to see the young saplings emerge and for them to know that they were the ones who collected and breathed life into the nascent seed.

Next week we hope to start recycling all raw vegetables and fruit waste from snacks and lunchtimes.  This will include banana skins, apple cores, water melon and pineapple skins etc.  To collect this waste, compost bins will be placed in the Pre-Prep, Junior School and in the staff dining room.   In addition, Holroyd Howe, our excellent caterers will place a large compost bin in the dining room so that all raw waste from there can be added to the kitchen waste (cauliflower leaves, broccoli stalks, potato peelings etc.). This can then be taken to our compost site near the science block and once processed can be used on the gardens managed by some of the boys.  We are very excited by this new initiative.

We have an exciting new initiative in which we pass these crisp packets onto a charity who then turn them into “emergency foil blankets.” These blankets are used to help the homeless keep warm and dry and also for struggling households or for the elderly who find it hard to keep warm, especially with fuel costs as high as they are now.  We collect the crisp packets and send them to our chosen charity to process them.  They have asked if we can make sure they are washed and a cut made across one side and across the bottom so that it is a fully opened crisp packet.  These packets are then joined together to create an emergency sleeping bag.  Could you all send in your used empty washed and cut crisp packets?  How lovely to recycle these waste products to help those who are struggling or in difficulties.  Please drop these off at the entrance of the pre prep where a receptacle will be positioned.  If we are brave enough, we may seek to make one ourselves!

Mr Hutchison