Monday 15 November

Our Year 3 classes will be taking part in a Virtual Romans Workshop with a company called History off the Page. This workshop is to support our history work this term. Boys will have the opportunity to become Romans for the day and take part in a number of practical activities. We will be in the classroom in the morning following a video link and then in the afternoon we have a live Zoom session with a teacher.

To make the experience more authentic we would like the boys to dress in a simple Roman costume. They can be as creative as they like! It would be a good idea though to send in some trousers and maybe a long sleeved top to put on at break times.

The cost of the Workshop is £13.75 which will be added to your bill.  Please email Mrs Harding if you do not want their child to participate.

We are sure this will be an exciting day.

Mrs Howard, Mrs Williamson & Mrs Dyer
Year 3 Teachers