On Friday, 3 December, the NBPA will be hosting their much anticipated Christmas Fayre.  All boys will be given the opportunity to attend for a short time and wear their Christmas jumpers for the day.  Boys in Years 7 and 8 will need to wear a facemask.  We recommend boys bring in a maximum of £5 to spend, ideally this will be made up of  50p, £1, £2 coins in order to avoid too much change being handled.  All parents involved with the fayre have been asked to take a lateral flow test prior to the event and report the result to Health and Safety Manager.

If any parent does not wish their child to take part, then please email your child’s form/class teacher.

The NBPA have placed a festive looking collection box at the entrance to The New Beacon Centre for any donations that parents would like to make.  Suitable prizes could include small boxes of Lego, bags of sweets, fidget toys/small puzzle games, stocking filler type items, small birthday gifts or Christmas related paraphernalia – to suit the widest age range is ideal.

Any questions, please email Astrid Henwood at chairnbpa@gmail.com.

Deadline: Wednesday, 1st December