Monday, 6 December 2021

Please remember that Year 8 will be going to Bluewater by coach on Monday for their Christmas shopping experience, departing at 2.30pm and returning to the New Beacon at 6.40pm.  You can collect from outside TNBC.

He may come to school in games kit for the basketball matches that will be played in the Sports Hall (TNBC) in the morning. He should then have his home clothes and Christmas jumper in his games bag and change at first break. If he is not participating in the basketball matches, then he may come to school in his home clothes.

It would be advisable for your son to plan ahead for his ‘retail therapy’ to avoid impulsive buying. We cannot, however, legislate for his choice of presents for the family and there may well be some surprises on Christmas day.

Please include some money so that he might enjoy a light meal and something to drink. This is also not compulsory as you may well be having a late supper when he returns.

Your son has been advised to place his mobile (not compulsory) and wallet in a small named packet and upon arrival at school on Monday to place it in my office. This will then be given back to him before we board the coach.

The boys will all receive the necessary safety talk before we depart and the importance of staying in their chosen groups throughout the time that we are in Bluewater and also to look after their mobiles and wallets. There is also a list of items that they have been told should not be on their shopping list.

All boys should do a lateral flow test on Sunday evening or Monday morning. They must also ensure that they have a face mask as it will be compulsory to wear one on the coach and in the shopping complex.

I am positive that they boys are going to enjoy this trip.

Have a pleasant and safe weekend.

Mr Knipe