The results are as follows:

The Everitt Cup was won for the first time by DRAKE. 
Winners of the Everitt Cup DRAKE 530 ex 600
Second Place: Marlborough 517
Third Place: Nelson 502 ex 600 (23 points up on last terms competition)
Final Place: Wellington 486 ex 600


Drake Team – 530:
      Hugh S, Noah I, Jason L, Ethan M, Federico D & Bradley V (Captain)
Marlborough Team – 517:
      Christopher M, Oliver S, William Z, Kirin N, Tommy C & Arthur M (Captain)
Nelson Team – 502
      Tom S, Leo G, Theo H, Sebastian B, Charlie M & William S (Captain)
Wellington Team – 486
      Mark S, Daniel H, George M, Nicholas T, Fin M & Patrick M (Captain)

Going into the competition, the favourites based on current form were Nelson who again ended up in 3rd place! Next it was Drake & Marlborough close behind. This year we have a good balance of boys shooting (No’s 12 – 16) in each company. My wishes last term to welcome a bumper intake of Drake boys in order to level up the numbers & start their challenge for a maiden win of the Everitt Cup was answered.

The competition is run during one week over the Tuesday & Friday Sessions. This term the team selections were heavily weighted towards the Friday with no meaningful position at the end of day 1 as one company hadn’t even shot by then. So the competition really started in earnest on the Friday under the watchful eye of the Deputy Shooting Master, Mr Simmonds.

As is often the case in team shooting, teams fall out of contention (brutal for the individuals) by underperforming rather than competitions being won by personal bests being scores being posted. So it was that Wellington were completely out of the frame. The stress of competition is usually the factor behind this and a lot of coaching will take place over the remaining year to help all the boys learn how to manage the stress and perform to their ability consistently.

On the subject of personal bests; it is always worthy to mention those who managed to deliver their best ever scores in a competitive environment and on this occasion it is pleasing to have a very healthy number of boys (in no particular order) who have done so:
Ethan M (D)
Oliver S (M)
William Z (M)
Nicholas T (W)
Tom S (N)
Daniel H (W)
Federico D (D)

Past Everitt Cup Holders since inception in 2018:
Summer 2018 Nelson 521
Autumn 2018 Wellington 525
Spring 2019 Wellington 547 (Record Competition Score)
Summer 2019 Wellington 513
Autumn 2019 Wellington 529
Spring 2020 Nelson 524
Summer 2020 Not Contested due to Covid
Autumn 2020 Marlborough 518
Spring 2021 Not Contested due to Covid
Summer 2021 Marlborough & Wellington 518
Autumn 2021 Drake 530

Total Wins:
D – 1, M – 2, N – 2, W – 5.