The Eco Warriors have been busy this week litter picking. They noticed a growing amount of litter around the school and so with their dazzling new litter pickers and plastic gloves, they set about collecting litter all around the Astro pitch. This is an initiative we would like to keep going and different boys will be chosen each week to help litter pick. We would like to keep The New Beacon a litter-free zone. We are fortunate to have the most beautiful grounds here at school, we need to keep them that way.

Thank you to all of the boys who have collected, cleaned and donated crisp packets. Mrs Beresford spent hours ironing the crisp packets together and has turned them into a lovely blanket that we will be donating to the Crisp Packet Project . There are different charities who use crisp packets to make blankets for the homeless. These blankets work in much the same way as an emergency foil blanket works. They are used to go over their sleeping bags and makes them extra warm but more importantly dry!

There are a lot of charities around the country that make these blankets but they are super easy to make at home and this helps the charity further as it means more blankets are being made and therefore helping more people. Mrs B recently had time off from work due to covid so decided to use this time to make some blankets. The crisp packets are opened up, flattened, washed and then lined up, slightly over lapping each other, they are covered with grease proof paper and then gently ironed for no more than a second to fuse them together.  The hardest part is stopping the blankets from slipping them off of the ironing board. Why don’t you have a go at making one at home?