Played Won Lost Drew
13 7 6 0
(this includes matches played in rugby festivals)

There were no easy matches for the 1st team squad this year and that is how it should be; a good test of the teams ability to adapt to all situations presented on the field of play. For the most part the teams were all evenly matched. To the 1st team’s credit they never gave up and some brave tackles were made on some huge opponents, especially in the last match of the season against King’s Rochester.

The forwards this year fought hard for dominance in the scrums and they certainly gave our backs plenty of good ball to work with. For the most part, all scrums this season were uncontested. It did take a while for the backs to learn the fundamental importance of straightening the line, but once they had ironed out that problem, they certainly ran some scintillating lines.

Overall it has been a good season and I congratulate all the squad members for their efforts during training and on match days. A word of thanks is also extended to all the parents who supported us throughout the spring term and also to the ground staff.

Well done boys! Now continue to enjoy this wonderful game at your senior schools!

Boys who represented the 1st team this year: Joshua D (captain); William S (vice-captain); Timi A; Monty G; Joshua H; Ignacio M; Guy G; Luke H; Edward H; Thomas H; Findlay M: Aidan O; Miles P; Jola R; Huw T; Hugo C; Federico D; Sebastiaan V.

Mr Knipe