Inter-Company Cup Team selections below for shooting next week (Tuesday 8 March & Friday 11 March)  

Defending Everitt Cup Holders: Drake

Senior Cadets: Bradley V Capt & Federico D
Intermediate Cadets: Ethan M & Ryley J
Junior Cadets: Daniil K & Hugh S
Senior Cadets: Arthur M Capt & Sidney H
Intermediate Cadets: William Z & Barnes R
Junior Cadets: Christopher M & Edward B
Senior Cadets:  William S Capt & Charlie M
Intermediate Cadets: Sebastian G & Harrison C
Junior Cadets: Tom S & Theo H
Senior Cadets:  
Jamie R Capt & Toby S
Intermediate Cadets:  
George M & Nicholas T
Junior Cadets:  
Thomas P & Leo M
Cadet Pairs
2 x Senior Cadets
2 x Intermediate Cadets
2 x Junior Cadets


5 Bull 100 point targets. Highest total combined scores wins.

In the event of a tie the Company with the highest individual score wins; in the event that the scores are level the second highest score and so on until there is a winner.  If all 6 boys shoot the same scores then the scores will be weighted in favour of the junior cadets, then the intermediate cadets and finally senior cadets. If none of the above finds a winner the first company to finish shooting the competition will be declared the winner.