On Wednesday ten boys visited the Sevenoaks Larder Foodbank.  This was originally started to help families at need during Covid, but now continues its work helping many families in Sevenoaks.  It differs from other foodbanks in that it provides fresh food and protein as well as tinned foods and clients are able to choose their items.  The foodbank supports over 200 families made up of individuals, single parents and other family units; they never turn anyone away.  The numbers using the food bank are increasing all the time and recent rises in food and fuel prices have meant even more local families are in need.  The boys had a great time fulfilling the various shopping lists and finding the items on the shelves to fill the boxes; it was also a realisation of how little food, particularly fresh food, some families have to live on.  We now hope to build a relationship with the Sevenoaks Larder in order to further support local families and help with distribution and packing in the future.