Over the past three weeks as part of the CPSHE curriculum and its links to democracy and Fundamental British Values, the boys in Years 5-8 have taken part in three interactive online workshops with educators from the Houses of Parliament. Year 5 had their session on 1 March, Year 6 on 3 March and then Years 7 and 8 had a combined session, this week, on 14 March.
All three events came under the title, “An Introduction to Parliament”, and the boys were taken through the fundamentals of how parliament works, the difference between the House of Commons and the House of Lords, how a law is made, what petitions are, how an MP is elected, how a Lord is selected and how to contact their local MP. The boys were also given the opportunity to ask lots of questions.
One of the many highlights of these sessions was when Laura Trott, MP for Sevenoaks, attended the Year 5 workshop live and direct from her office in Westminster. She answered many questions posed by the boys and gave us an insight to life as a politician. What a treat!
Mr Bromwich