Finley in 5B has been doing his bit, along with a local charity, to raise money for victims of the war in Ukraine. A local gentleman is running a humanitarian aid convoy with medical supplies to Ukraine (leaving on Friday 18 March) and Finley decided that he would set up a toy sale and give any proceeds to the charity ‘Road to Ukraine’ .  Finley set up stall in Betteson Avenue on Saturday, selling his much-loved toys, and raised nearly £1500 to help support this worthwhile cause. News spread fast and many locals arrived to donate other items such as nappies, clothes and other important supplies – even the BBC got in on the act and sent a reporter along to interview Finley (and his willing colleagues!) to be aired on the 6 o’clock South East news that evening. We are very proud of Finley and all that he has done to help others less fortunate than himself – what a wonderful achievement.