As you know we have set up a number of environmental initiatives over the past few months:

  • Growing trees (slow progress here but still some hope!)
  • Engine idling (you can see the posters drawn by the children from Pre Prep and Junior School around the school encouraging parents not to leave their engines idling)
  • Crisp packet blankets (for the homeless processed through a charity)
  • Recycling of kitchen and dining room waste (for the compost pits by the science block)

We would like to start another initiative.  This initiative is based on work we did with last year’s Year 2 boys that proved very successful.  Last year each boy planted seeds in two flower pots. The first was a Sunflower seed, creating a big blousy and impressive flower (with seeds great for birds).  The second seed, a Cerinthe (wonderful for bees).  These planted flower pots were then taken back to the boys’ homes for them to look after and were brought back at the beginning of the summer term as seedlings.  It was lovely to see the pleasure the boys got from growing their own flowers.

We therefore thought it would be great if we extended this to the whole of the Pre Prep and Junior School this year.

If your son would like to participate, please can he bring in two fairly small flower pots as soon as possible. The deadline is the last day of term – Wednesday, 24 March.  We will provide the compost and the seeds and your boys will fill the pots, plant the seeds and then water the seeds prior to taking them home and caring for them.  We would hope that they would bring the seedlings back to school at the beginning of next term.

Thank you for supporting our previous initiatives.

Mr Hutchison