Week Commencing Monday, 7 March 2022

Results: Spring Term 2022 Everitt Cup (Inter Company Shooting Competition)

Marlborough beat holders Drake by 3 points to win but could Nelson have triumphed?

As a reminder, the rules of the Cup requires a team of 6 boys. A pair of Juniors (Year 6), a pair of Intermediates (Year 7) and a pair of Seniors (Year 8) per Company, with the highest score (ex 600) winning.

We had a very close contest once again between Drake (the current holders) and Marlborough who came out on top to win. Marlborough were first to complete their targets and physiologically setting the benchmark score for all the other teams to beat. Drake were still in touch with the final Senior cadet pairing of B. Vermeulen & F. DeSisto to go; both putting in very good scores of 93 & 96 respectively but ultimately the gap to the top of the podium was just out of reach.

Wellington came in 3rd this term beating their last term’s tally so well done to them as the only team to better their score this term.

Nelson finished in last place a long way behind as only 3 boys shoot their cards during competition week. On a like for like basis they won their junior Cadets Section by a couple of points and therefore were in the running. Unfortunately, in this competition it is unlikely the overall team can achieve any success if a card remains unshot let alone 3, Nelson’s selected team will need to do much better next term as there are 18 Nelson boys shooting this term with many who would have gladly stood in. Congratulations to the three other Companies who managed to field full teams during the week.

The results are as follows:

The Spring 2022 contest of the Everitt Cup was won for the third time by Marlborough. Congratulations to all 15 boys in Marlborough shooting this term as it is the competition for each place in the team which drives up the standard, evidenced by half the team changed from last term.

So Marlborough gets revenge for last term (losing to Drake by 13 points) and instead win by 3 points.

Winners of the Everitt Cup (for the third time) : MARLBOROUGH  517 ex 600
Second Place: Drake  514 ex 600
Third Place : Wellington 489 ex 600
Final Place : Nelson 254 ex 600


Marlborough Team – 517
Christopher M, Edward B, William Z, B. Regan, Sidney H & Arthur M (Capt)
Drake Team – 514
Hugh S, Daniil K, Ryley J, Ethan M, Fedrerico D & Bradley V (Capt)
Wellington Team – 489
Thomas P, Leo Moseley, George M, Nicholas T, Toby S, Jamie R (Capt)
Nelson  Team – 254
Tom S, Theo H, Sebastain G, Harrison C, Charlie M & William S (Capt)


Going into the competition, like the previous 2 terms the favourites based entirely on current form were Nelson who again missed out on the top two spots. Will they get their act together next term and put the other companies down in the final term?

Next it was Drake & Marlborough very close behind. This year we continue to have a very good balance of boys shooting (14 – 18) in each company.

My wishes for next term are for all the boys to do well in their Proficiency Tests and for the overall team scores to increase across the board to better reflect their general week in week out performances.

The Everitt Cup competition is as always run during one week over the Tuesday & Friday Sessions and all the boys know this. So it is a credit to all the teams who completed their targets and managed their attendances accordingly.

It is always worthy to mention those who managed to deliver their best ever scores in a competitive environment and on this occasion it is pleasing to have a few who managed the feat under the pressure (in no particular order):

Leo M (W)

Edward B (M)

Nicholas T (W)

Past Everitt Cup Holders since inception in 2018.

Summer 2018  Nelson 521

Autumn 2018  Wellington 525

Spring 2019  Wellington 547 (Record Competition Score)

Summer 2019  Wellington 513

Autumn 2019  Wellington 529

Spring 2020  Nelson 524

Summer 2020  Not Contested due to Covid

Autumn 2020  Marlborough 518

Spring 2021  Not Contested due to Covid

Summer 2021  Marlborough & Wellington 518

Autumn 2021  Drake 530

Spring 2022 Marlborough 517

Total Wins:

D – 1, M – 3, N – 2, W – 5.