The spoiler was we knew we hadn’t won the Hammond Cup this term when we shot shoulder to shoulder against St Andrew’s Prep on the 1st March.

Thankfully the Preparatory Schools Rifle Association (PSRA) Hammond Cup & all the other PSRA postal competitions were back and running again with a good number of entries after the Covid interruptions. It is now 3 terms since we relinquished the Cup (who’s counting) and I think that next term will be the term when we get everyone shooting their best on the same day. Our New Beacon boys have the talent and ability. All 4 boys, in fact any 4 boys, from the 3 teams (the development team excluded) shooting close to their best (not even their best) will win the Hammond Cup next term. It’s all about consistency.

The Hammond Cup top order results for Spring 2022 are as follows:

1 St  Andrew’s Eastbourne A 377 (ex 400)
2 Feltonfleet A 369
3= Port Regis B 368
3= St Andrew’s B 368
5= Ashfold A 363
5= The New Beacon A 363
7= Port Regis A 356

Team A (Remington):

William S. – 91
Federico – 94
Charlie M – 87
Oliver P – 91

As the results show the best scoring New Beacon School Team score was over 14 points behind the winning team. 5= our weakest position in quite a few years; nevertheless our lowest scoring team still beat some noteworthy schools so that should provide a good sense of perspective whilst having and maintaining the high expectations for all our teams.

To put the inconsistency matter in perspective, the 4 best scores shot for New Beacon in this competition totalled 375, so good enough for 2nd place. There are 10 boys in the club who could all shoot 2 points below their Personal Best Scores and make a team to outscore St Andrew’s score this term.

So next term there is still time to improve & perfect before the boys will be entered into the PSRA’s Proficiency Tests which will require them to shoot 3 consecutive weeks in competition conditions. This should be good preparation for the next edition of the Hammond Cup along with some extra professional coaching and shooting practice at Tonbridge School for 16 boys on 6th May.

We also very much hope to also find time for other fun events such as the HM’s 1st VIII vs Y8 boys and a Rapid Fire Shooting Competition for all boys in the last week of term.

Mr Prongué