As you know all the boys in Nursery, Reception, Pre-prep and Junior school have planted three seeds together with a sunflower seed prior to the Easter holidays.  Many are now appearing at school as I requested, and we are grateful for the fact that so many are doing so well.  Well done boys!

There is a change of plan (my apologies).  Rather than bringing them in and then taking them back, it would be best if they stayed with you.  Could you therefore continue to look after them, plant them out in your gardens and get the boys to look after them, weed around them, water them etc.  There will be prizes for some of the tallest sunflowers prior to the end of term.  However tall they get we would really appreciate it if you could send in a picture of it when requested with your son standing next to it.  Should be fun!

I would also be grateful if you could send in pictures of the Cerinthe (two/three plants) with your son in the picture too.  We could then have a display board full of the flowers your sons have grown.  With the sunflowers you may need to prop them up with a little stake until they are strong enough not to flop over.  I will be in touch to let you know when we would like the photos.

In the meantime, if the boys want any help/advice please see me.  Once you have finished with the flower pots you can (if you want) recycle these by giving them to me as we can use them for Year 2 gardening club.

Mr Hutchison