We are very happy to announce the return of The New Beacon Cricket Club (NBCC) – a team of parents/staff/friends who play a few local clubs during the Summer Term.

Our first fixture this year is against The Vine (Old Oaks) on Friday, 13 May and the match starts at 5.30pm.   Playing at The Vine is always a most enjoyable occasion and a lovely social atmosphere during and after the game. Sometimes as a parent you might find you haven’t played for a little while, but please don’t let that put you off – it’s as much about enjoyment as anything else and I encourage you to join in, if you can.

If you would like to play please complete the form below, letting us know whether you are primarily a bowler, a batsman, wicket keeper or indeed a combination of all as it helps with the team planning!

With grateful thanks

Charles Hutchison