River of Hope is a national project organised by the Thames Festival Trust and forms a central part of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The Queen has always shown a great love and respect for the natural environment. We are asking our pupils to take part in a local version of the project by submitting artwork which is inspired by rivers and the environment to be displayed along our own River of Hope at the Coxcombe Fair. By engaging with this project young people will be encouraged to think about the importance of safeguarding the future of their own natural environment.  Here is the website for more details; Thames Festival Trust | River of Hope | Thames Festival TrustThe artwork could use any media and or any materials, the only restrictions or considerations are that it should be A4 ish in size and be suitable to be displayed (hung) outside. So, pupils may want to make their A4 paper a different shape by cutting the edges or they may want to use recycled materials in a collage but will need to use strong glue to prevent anything from falling off! Please write their name and our school on the artwork, they may also want to share some writing about their hopes for the future. Anything goes really!Once completed, please bring your artwork to your form teacher by Thursday, 26 May, and I will arrange for your artwork to be collected and then displayed along the River of Hope (Sevenoaks Road, Ightham) for everyone to enjoy on the day of the Coxcombe Fair on 4 June.