Thursday, 23 June 2022

Year 7 will be carrying out various surveys at Romshed Organic Farm to address Learning Outcomes from our “Relationships in an ecosystem” topic.

We will be leaving school by school minibus at 9am and returning by approximately 4.00pm.

Once at the farm a large barn will be our base camp for the day (if the BBC have finished filming series 2 of The Larkins)


The field trip is designed to address the following parts of the Common Entrance syllabus:

  • Explain why it is important to conserve local habitats
  • Describe ways that plants and animals can be protected and give examples
  • Explain that habitats support a variety of plants and animals that are interdependent
  • Describe how to use a quadrat to estimate population size

In the morning boys will use quadrats to carry out random samples to estimate the cover of grasses and wild plants in grazed and set aside fields. After lunch in the barn, they will hear a talk about ways in which the farm is managed to encourage and actively conserve local wildlife followed by an investigation into invertebrate diversity. In the afternoon boys will visit the woodland to use sweep nets and pooters to compare the variety of plants and animals to the more open areas.

 What to bring:

  • Wear comfortable (appropriate to the weather!) clothing underneath with school waterproof top and bottoms and comfortable shoes/trainers.
  • Bring a carrier bag containing a pair of wellington boots.
  • Bring a rucksack containing:
    –  A packed lunch (please remember NO NUT-BASED PRODUCTS)
    –  A bottle of water
    –  A pencil and pen
    –  A plastic carrier bag (large enough to sit on)
    –  Sun hat
    –  Sun cream
    –  Asthma pumps if applicable
    –  Any other medication where relevant and not already provided by matron
    –  Hayfever relief tablets – but ideally take one in the morning before school
    –  Hand sanitizer gel

Supervision and Cost:
For the duration of the day, the boys will be supervised by Mr Presnell and other senior staff.

The cost of the trip will be £4 and includes a donation to the Country Trust. This will be added to your school bill at the end of the term.  Please complete the online form to grant permission for your son to attend.