Thursday,  30 June 2022

Please see below details of arrangements for the Year 7 outing to Chessington on Thursday, 30 June. In addition to myself, Mr. Yarrow, Mr. Presnell and Mr. R. Yeats-Brown will be accompanying the trip.

Arrangements for the day 

  • Boys should meet in Science Lab 1 at 8.20am where they will be registered and given further instructions and reminders about the day.
  • We shall be travelling to Chessington by coach leaving promptly at 8.40am.
  • We hope to return to school at approximately 4.30pm depending on the traffic conditions. We shall use the clarion call system to advise you of any changes to the timing.
  • School uniform is not necessary. Boys should come to school in their casual clothes. Boys may wish to bring a spare set for the return journey if they get wet as a result of going on a water ride. This can be left on the coach.
  • If the forecast is fine, boys are strongly advised to bring a hat and to have sun cream applied.
  • Please provide your son with a packed lunch, or money to buy lunch in the park. (Experience shows the boys usually prefer the latter option!).
  • Although there are lockers at Chessington, past experience has shown they are quite difficult and awkward to use. It is therefore preferable if the boys have a minimum of stuff to carry.  A ‘bum bag’ or money belt for money is ideal and they may need these for future trips in Year 8.
  • No mobile phones or other electronic gadgets to be brought.
  • The boys will be organised into groups of 4 minimum and they must stay in their groups at all times. There will be a designated meeting point at which there will always be a member of staff on duty. The boys will be required to check in at lunchtime (between 1 and 1.30pm.)

The cost of the outing will be £41, to include cost of entry and travel by coach, and this will be added to your school bill. You may also wish to give your son some spending money in addition to their lunch money (£15-20 total based on previous trips to Chessington).

If you consent to your son taking part in the trip, I would be grateful if you would complete the form below as soon as possible.