On Saturday, 25 June the School’s judoka attended their first fighting grading – competing in their year groups for their new honours (stripes and coloured belts ranking).

The grading consisted of a series of judo contests, with the boys fighting both on the ground & standing.

Part 1 consisted of ne-waza or ground fights in which the boys had to demonstrate their hold-down techniques.
Part 2 was tachi-waza (standing) as well as ne-waza (ground) fighting, again allowing the boys to apply techniques and to try to achieve superiority over their opponents.
Part 3 was single contests, where each faced off against a series of opponents in officially refereed 2 minute-long fights, where the boys were expected to use proper judo throwing & holding techniques to achieve a win if possible.  This resulted in a series of high-intensity contests, where it is true to say several boys surprised both themselves and their parents with some excellent results.

The Year 6 boys proceeded straight to individual contests, as most of them (bar 2) were already graded (BJA theory) to red belt; they were instructed to show their advanced skills, though the 2 ungraded boys showed that they are very quickly catching up with them!

Excellent fighting by all the boys, despite nerves and, in some cases, some existing injuries.

We hope the boys will continue with Judo in the new school year in September and look forward to new members who wish to join.

Liz Huddart
(Judo Coach)