Anita Hempenius

ADHD Coach, Educational Consultant, SWASEND director, ex-SENCo and ex-class teacher at Michael Hall Forest Row, and part of the management team
at Wynstones school.

Rowena Markies

Teacher trainer and highly experienced Special Educational Needs teacher in neurodevelopmental difficulties, dyslexia and behaviour challenges, both at New Beacon School Sevenoaks and as independent therapist and consultant.

Julie Lam

PGCE, Therapeutic Play Specialist, School Founder, Early Years Education Consultant and course leader in the UK. EYE  training, special interest in social and emotional development and attachment.

Between the three of us we have expertise and experience in:

Teaching and education from baby to adult, coaching, movement therapy, assessments, sensory integration, learning support, play therapy, daily relationships and dynamics, adoption, neurodiversity, trauma and parent workshops.

On the weekend of 9 and 10 July, Rowena, Julie, and Anita will be holding a workshop for parents of children who are struggling. The children may be diagnosed or undiagnosed neurodiverse or different in any other way.

This workshop covers physical and emotional development, fixed and growth mindsets, neurodivergency and other differences, identifying and focusing on strengths, sensory integration, hypervigilance and other stress reactions, social interactions and forms of communication.

The workshop will be:
informal and informative
interactive and interesting
practical and personal

For more details please follow the link below and feel free to share with anyone you feel may be interested.

Supporting You, Supporting Them