We went to the Glasshouse, full of rainforest plants like orange trees, bromeliads and even bananas.  There was a crystal-clear waterfall too!
Next, we went to the Adventure Playground, where there were long, dark tunnels.  There were also trampolines and a massive fort with a huge swing below.
4CS climbed up a hill called the Mound, surrounded by lavender and rosemary.  There were two benches on the top and a shiny round sundial.
We had our delicious lunch in the shade of a tree.
About twenty minutes later, we went to Hilltop, which is a science centre.  We looked through a microscope and had ice cream on the roof.  Then we made our way back to the minibus.
Michael, 4CS
Yesterday we went on a beautiful trip to Wisley on a Crawley luxury bus. We went with all of Year 4 with our rucksacks. It took about an hour to get there and with our toys that we packed in our bags. When we arrived it was beautiful to see. Mrs Sherhod asked us to be very polite to all members of the public. I said good morning and good afternoon to many people. Many people then commented on how courteous we were. We had a tasty lunch and then I caught a cricket in a plastic container, then I let it go again.
At Wisley there was an amazing glasshouse filled with amazing rainforest and desert plants. There were also exotic and beautiful plants.
I really loved my trip at Wisley and I totally recommend it!
One last thing…. we had a beautifully delicious ice cream!
This truly has been an amazing trip!
Arthur Lucas, 4RR
We went to the Hilltop where there was a huge shelf of seeds , nuts and a Coco de Mare. In the Glass house there was a lot of cool plants, there was a banana plant, lots of cactus, pretty flowers and some lovely turquoise flowers.  We went behind a waterfall and around the pond in front of it.
We had lunch under the pine tree, then we went to the playground and played tag. After, we climbed the mount, where there was a giant compass. Finally we had ice cream. On the way we saw a duck and her duckling.
It was a lovely day.
Alex King, 4GH

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