On Monday, 16 Jan the Year 4 boys went to sing their Christmas Chapel Service songs to the lovely residents at Weald Heights Care Home. We were greeted by the eagerly waiting residents who just rejoiced in the sound of the boys’ voices. Some were even dancing in their chairs. After the performance, the boys enjoyed a biscuit and some juice and had the opportunity to talk to the residents. A few of the boys’ recounts are below:

Once everyone had arrived at Weald Heights, the teachers introduced us to the residents who all looked pleased to see us. We then started singing the songs which we had rehearsed. When we had finished, we felt extremely happy, especially when the teachers handed out juice and biscuits (Yum!).  We were really pleased with our performance and suspect that it made the audience’s week.
Daniel and Ethan 4CM
Weald Heights is a lovely place.  I really enjoyed singing carols and talking to the interesting residents.  They were very kind and even gave us refreshments.  We hope to visit again later in the year.
Milo 4CS

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