On Monday the New Beacon Quiz Team competed against other local schools for a place in the final of this long-running general knowledge competition. Kyle L (Y5), Chuye W (Y6), Hugh S (Y7) were led by Sam R (Y8) through a variety of individual and team rounds featuring questions on science, technology, music, literary murderers, silhouettes of countries, numbers and current affairs. The New Beacon team started strongly and was able to pull ahead of the other teams, winning this heat and scoring third position overall in the region. Thus they progress to the final in April where they will compete for the title of regional general knowledge champions.

Mr Swann

Here are some of the questions from the quiz:

  1. The three orders of classical architecture are Ionic, Corinthian and which other order? 
  2. Which Spanish town, bombed during the Civil War, inspired a Picasso masterpiece?
  3. What is the strongest muscle in the human body? 
  4. What point did Scotsman John Napier introduce in a book in 1617? 
  5. Which Egyptian god wears the head of a jackal?   


1.  Doric2.  Guernica3.  Jaw4.  Decimal point5.  Anubis