Everyone at The New Beacon celebrated Children’s Mental Health Week this week. This year’s theme is ‘Let’s Connect’ and the children looked at how we make meaningful connections through kindness. Every class in the Pre-Prep and Junior School made a paper chain, where each boy had to write or draw what makes them feel connected to others. The paper chains were put up around the central area for our Celebration Assembly this morning.

In our Pre-Prep and Junior School assembly we looked at kindness and explored different ways that you can show kindness to yourself, to others and to the planet. Every boy was challenged to do at least one Random Act of Kindness every day this week. Thank you to all the boys who sent in photos and videos showing how they were kind. Random Acts of Kindness can lift your spirits and make others, and yourself, feel better and more positive. So, boys just because kindness week is over, please don’t stop being kind. Let the kindness continue and watch the ripple effect.

2023 Kindness at The New Beacon