On Wednesday 8 February, the Pre-Prep and Junior School were lucky enough to have a visit from the poet, Joshua Seigal. He talked to them all about poetry and becoming a poet and performed many of his poems to the children. The Junior School also took part in a creative workshop where Joshua taught them not to be afraid of poetry and they all had a go at creating a quick poem about a feeling. The key theme in most of the poems was happiness which says a lot about the boys, although some followed along the same theme as the author which was anger.

Here are some of the poems:

Happiness is a summer morning.
Happiness is my awesome dog Winston prowling in the grass.
Happiness is books, large ones being read in your mind.
Happiness is licking ice cream on the beach.
Happiness is everywhere.
Thomas (4CM)
Happiness is a school full of your fantastic friends.
Happiness is my maths when I get full marks.
Happiness is my perfect parents always hug me when I’m sad.
Happiness is everything.
William (4CS)
Anger is a fierce as fire burning through your heart.
Anger is like a lion prowling through the jungle.
Anger is like lava shooting through a volcano which is active.
Anger is like a beast raging at you.
Anger is everywhere!
Herushaan (4GH)
Anger is a lion that tries to wake me up on a miserable Monday morning,
Anger is like a piping hot Cheeto in my throat,
Anger is like a cyclone flowing from thought to thought,
Anger makes me want to crush something,
Anger is the fire in my mind on a miserable Sunday night.
Anger is everywhere!
Kabir (3AH)

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