After our enjoyable visit from Joshua Seigal at the beginning of February, we are pleased to announce that the Pre-Prep and Junior School will be holding a Poetry Competition in the run up to World Book Day which is the 2 March 2023.

The aims of the Competition are to enable boys to experience the pleasures of rhythm, rhyme, alliteration and description from reading poetry aloud, and performing and listening to poetry written by others.

Participation is optional. However, we would ideally like every boy to choose their own poem. For boys in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, just reading a poem is fine.  For boys in Years 3 and 4, we would encourage them to learn a poem, if they feel able, in order to say it aloud from memory, and to add or use actions, should they so wish, to bring the words alive.

We would appreciate your help in choosing a suitable poem with your son. It should be a poem which he enjoys, and not too long! Each boy’s performance will be judged on diction, expression and delivery. Above all, please encourage your son to speak the words slowly, and also loud enough to be clearly heard!

Each boy who takes part will need to be ready to read his poem to his class and teacher from Monday, 27 February. On World Book Day, one boy from each class will be chosen by his teacher to say his poem during our World Book Day Assembly, in front of the Pre-Prep and Junior School and a panel of judges.

We would like this event to be fun! If you would like some guidance on what sorts of poems to choose, please talk to your son’s class teacher. We have a selection of poetry books in school to help you. Once chosen, please could your son bring a named photocopy of it into school with him.

We look forward to a week of poems, verses, limericks and odes! Thank you for your assistance.

Claire Manning and Georgia Harris
Pre-Prep and Junior School English Coordinators