We celebrated Safer Internet Day this past Wednesday. Safer Internet Day is held every February all around the world. Last year over 170 different countries celebrated the day! It is a chance to think about any worries we might have about using technology and the internet, but it’s also about celebrating the fantastic things technology can help us with. This year the theme is ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online.’ Pre-Prep and Junior School boys attended an assembly where we spoke about the importance of sharing everything you do online with an adult- the good stuff and the bad. Mr. O’Prey also had discussions along these lines in all of his ICT lessons this week.  Boys in Year 1 to 3 looked at what to do if they encounter something upsetting or rude online.  Boys in Year 4 were then reminded about stranger-danger and how it is never OK to chat with or play with strangers in the real world, so it should not be OK in the online world when playing online games etc.  Boys in Years 5 to 8 looked at additional ways they can protect themselves, for example ensuring everyone they chat and play with is a friend from the real world.    We also looked at how we can get it wrong by sending inappropriate messages, either text-based or picture-based, how situations can quickly escalate beyond our control and what we should do if we receive such a message or find ourselves in that position.

Safer Internet Day 2023 – UK Safer Internet Centre 


Bullying is a social phenomenon which exists across all of society. Be it at work, within families or in public spaces. Yet it has always been especially prevalent in schools. The intense pressure to fit within a certain box, or to be liked or adored by your peer base is the overriding drive of many pupils. However, simply because it is prevalent does not mean it’s easy to detect or eliminate. Children who are bullied will often hide it from parents and teachers, concerned with feeling weak or helpless, at a time in their lives when they’re increasingly being encouraged to stand on their own two feet. As such they’ll shy away from those who can help. The NSPCC has published a page on their site dedicated to helping you detect those warning signs which can be so vital when dealing with these issues.

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The future is upon us. Or that is what the makers of ChatGPT would have us believe, touted as a true AI chat-bot (meaning it gives answers to questions) the makers of the software – OpenAI Laboratory, have rolled out an AI which generates content based on user demands. Launched in November last year, the programme has certainly made waves, with its supposed ability to answer essay questions, write computer programmes and create songs, poems and movie scripts. Indeed so supposedly effective is it at enabling pupils to cheat their way to success in the classroom, that it will soon be referenced throughout the playground in an almost ubiquitous manner. So new and disruptive is this technology that some predict it will soon make google redundant, such is its ability to produce answers. And that leaves us in the educational sphere with a question, will ChatGPT be an ally or a hindrance to educating pupils.

Well, The White Hatter has done its best to answer these questions, to find out more please follow this link


The Digital Parenting magazine is the most useful, informative, helpful, well-written, well-presented, user-friendly online-safety resource I have seen to date. I recommend that all families look at the Digital Parenting magazine. It is equally relevant to parents of infants as it is to parents of teenagers.

Articles in the most recent edition include:

  • The best ways to get outside with your children this half term
  • How to stay safe online
  • Hate speech online : is your child being harmed ?

Read Digital Parenting online here.


Following extensive testing, we have added SENSO monitoring software to our network to replace IMPERO.  Like IMPERO, SENSO monitors boys’ activity and  reports inappropriate computer use, website access, messaging etc., against an extensive library of trigger words.  While IMPERO was very effective, we have decided that SENSO is a better package, with the aim of keeping your son even safer when using our computer networks.


Mrs Alteirac