This year the Pre-Prep and Junior School’s celebration of World Book Day was all around poetry. We had been recently inspired by a visit from the poet Joshua Seigel. Each class wrote a poem entitled ‘The New Beacon is……’ which has given us a lovely insight into how the boys see their school. We have chosen one line from each class to create a school poem.

We hope you enjoy it.

World Book Days Poems available here on Facebook.

The New Beacon

The New Beacon is where I learn to read.
The New Beacon is where I can succeed.
The New Beacon is like an educational journey like climbing a mountain of dreams.
The New Beacon has a fantastic team of Gary’s Gardeners.
The New Beacon has a lovely pond with quacking ducks and a funny floating crocodile.
The New Beacon is full of opportunity.
The New Beacon is sharp pencils and paint.
The New Beacon is a treasure trove of learning, creativity, and joy.
The New Beacon feels like I am home with my family.
The New Beacon makes me go home every day with a smile!
The New Beacon is welcoming to everyone.

 The New Beacon by the Pre-prep and Junior School.