Tuesday, 14 March 2023.

In Year 7, the boys have been studying the Normans and Angevins, and one of the key topics is the quarrel between Henry II and Becket. In the morning of 14 March, I have arranged for a guided tour of the cathedral, focusing on the Murder of Thomas Becket.

In the afternoon, the boys will be doing some sketching with Mrs Jackson, focusing on Architecture and religious iconography.

Important information:

We will be travelling by coach.

As we need to be in Canterbury for 10.00 am, we would like all boys to be in school by 8.00 am so we will be ready to leave at 8.15 am.

Boys should go directly to The NBC, where teachers will register them.

We will be returning, traffic permitting, to school by 5:00pm.

King’s Canterbury have invited us to visit the school for lunch and to meet with the archivist, who will also share some stories, show us some relics and Medieval records from the oldest school in England.

King’s Canterbury will be providing your son with lunch but please provide your son with a snack and some water. There will be no eating on the coach. Please do not allow your son to bring any sweets for the journey.

If your son gets travel sick, please could you make sure you inform me beforehand and ensure your son is given appropriate medication if necessary.

Please let us know of any dietary requirements, which we will pass on to King’s Canterbury; this will be on the booking form provided below.

Your son will be required to wear school uniform on the day. The boys will need their blazers, but sweaters will not be necessary unless cold weather is forecast.

There should be no electronic games or mobile telephones.

The cost of the trip will be £29.50, which will be added to your end of term bill.

Optional pocket money £10; the boys will have the opportunity to visit the Cathedral shop. Your son will be responsible for looking after any money/card.