On Friday, 3 March two New Beacon Teams travelled to St Andrew’s Prep in Eastbourne to shoot a shoulder to shoulder match. This was the first opportunity for Year 6 & Year 7 to shoot on a different range and gain the experience of competing in a foreign environment. The experience will stand them well for future competitions.

NBSRC Year 6 – 1st IV
Pietro C
Nicolas H
Lucas C
Conor M
Non travelling reserve: Thomas M

Unfortunately the Year 6 team lost the match by a creditable 2 points, the boys were a bit disappointed as they suffered a two point deduction for incorrect bullet placements on the target. We work hard on this during practice to avoid this under the stress of competition however lessons are learned from time to time the hard way.

NBSRC Year 7 – 1st IV

Sammy C
Edward B
Tom S
Hugh SNon travelling reserve: Luigi

Unfortunately the Year 7 team were also short on the score count and lost by 10 points however the team’s disappointment was put to one side as they were all able to celebrate Edward B’s amazing performance in scoring 100 /100. This is a very special moment for Edward and the school as this is the first 100 score the club has registered in over 6 years. We have in the past had many scores of 99 but the perfect score has been elusive so a big congratulations to Edward who was also award his shooting colours and can wear the school’s shooting tie with much pride.

Another match has been organised vs St Andrews on Thursday 25 May and this time our 1st IV including Y8’s will be able to shoot. We look forward to the opportunity to get even.

Meanwhile, on the NBSRC range whilst these two teams were competing away, Martin Simmonds, our deputy Shooting Master, gave the boys the chance to swap their iron sights with telescopic sights on the range. This was an opportunity the boys were excited about but were slightly disappointed that their scores weren’t as high as they hoped. They did learn that with magnification they could ‘see’ that perhaps their ability to stabilise their rifle needed much more work; so all in all a good lesson to show first hand that more practice is needed in that area.

Didier Prongue