Pre-prep and Junior School have enjoyed British Science Week this week, with each year group having a focus experiment (or two, or three!).

Nursery have been doing all sorts of Science, including making a walking rainbow, making magic milk and did a paperclip test! Everyone was transfixed for almost 10 minutes! They filled a cup right to the top with water and then guessed how many paperclips could be added to the cup before the water spilt. They guessed anything from 5-1,000. The paperclips were then added, and the children counted as each one went into the cup. When 57 paperclips were in, there was a bubble of water forming on the surface of the water, which caused great excitement! Finally, 203 paperclips later the “Surface tension” was broken and the water started pouring out! The children were impressed at how many paperclips fitted in, Mrs Beresford was impressed at the children counting up to 203!! Great work, Nursery!
The Reception boys thought about all the people they were connected to in their lives, and drew pictures of them. They also matched up symmetrical pictures of different animals. They also enjoyed building with Lego, Stickle bricks, Duplo and magnets to see how connections help make one small thing become something greater.
Year 1 connected the tree next to Mopo (pond) with wildlife it attracts and supports. They also made posters to enter the Poster Competition.
Year 2 got deeply involved, making a barometer first. Great teamwork was shown within the groups and together three barometers were made per class. A line was drawn to show where the water started and coming into the classrooms on Wednesday morning, it was very obvious that the water had gone down, meaning that cloud and rain were likely to come. And it did! Year 2 shall continue to observe this until we break up on Wednesday. They also set up an experiment looking at cress seeds and whether they need water to grow or not. Predictions were made and Fair Testing discussed. We shall see what happens…
Year 3 looked at inventions from the Victorians and then discussed what they could invent to help them in every day life. Some great ideas, boys!
Year 4 looked at the connection between yeast and temperature. Yeast and sugar were mixed with three different temperatures of water in three different bottles. The bottles were shaken, the lid taken off and a balloon added. The boys then had to wait 10 minutes before they measured the balloons to see which had inflated the most. The larger the balloon, the more gas is being produced and the more yeast has grown.

A wonderful week of Science; a big thank you to all staff who made it happen in the classroom.

Mrs Rix
Year 2 teacher and Science co-ordinator

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