Poster Competition details are as follows:

The theme this year is ‘Connections’, and there are lots of topics that could be explored. How about exploring how our body parts are all connected and work together, the connection between our actions and the impact on our environment, or even how internet connection has changed the world.

Judges will be looking at:

  • Creativity in approach – Innovative angle on the content or creative interpretation of the theme
  • Content – Clear, accurate and informative about a topic.
  • Effective communication – presented and communicated in an engaging way.

Entries must be one page of A4 or A3 paper only. You can work as a team or individual. The closing date is 6pm on Friday 31st March 2023, but with our term dates, if you would like to enter, hand in your posters by Wednesday 22nd March.

More information can be found at:

Please could all posters be handed into class teachers, who shall then pass it on to Mrs Rix.