Our last whole school assembly with the Headmaster was an emotional one all round, and featured a video put together by staff and pupils to wish a fond but light hearted farewell to Mr Piercy : You Will Survive.

 We finished assembly by singing our own version of Jerusalem, kindly rewritten by an ex New Beacon  parent:


And now it’s time to say farewell
To you, Headmaster – please don’t tell
Poor old Will Blake, we’ve altered his words
Our adaptation’s quite preferred.
And did your countenance so fine
Shine forth upon those large school bills?
And was the NBC builded here
To hone all our fantastic skills?

Marlb’rough and Drake salute you now
Nelson and Wellington kowtow
We offer you this parody
To scan with Parry’s melody:
We thank you Sir for all you do
For now you’re off to pastures new
You’ve called us men since we were small
You leave your imprint on us all.

We thank you Sir for all that you are
Spurring us on, you’ve set the bar
And did you guide us through every year
With wisdom, joyfulness and cheer?
You shall now cease from mental fight
No more reports, no parents’ night
For you the best is yet to be!
We thank you Mr Mike Piercy!