The Everitt Cup (Inter Company Shooting Competition)

Marlborough pull away to a clear victory this time.

The Spring 2023 contest of the Everitt Cup was won for the fifth time by Marlborough, retaining the Cup. Whilst this was a comfortable win for Marlborough, all the boys shooting this term improved considerably over last term. The combined scores across the companies were up a very creditable 125 points; practice & competition drives up performance levels.

Winners of the Everitt Cup:  

Marlborough 528 ex 600
Second Place: Nelson 517 ex 600
Third Place :  Drake 513 ex 600
Final Place :  Wellington 486 ex 600 (a 49 point improvement over last term)

Team Marlborough – 528
William Z. (Capt), Carlo C., Edward B., Sammy C., Petro C.

 Well done to Marlborough.