Thank all the parents who have kindly offered to support our Whole School ‘Good to be Me’ day on Friday 19 May this year.

The day will replace all of the usual lessons and as you can imagine, the learning opportunities will be out of this world! We want to give the boys as much of a breath of experience as we can and currently have 12 places around the world represented: Australia, Sweden, China, Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China), South Africa, France, India, Ukraine, Philippines, Belgium, Scotland and Nigeria.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, due to a busy calendar and term ahead, our Year 7 boys won’t be able to join us as they will be in France, but I am sure they will get a wonderful international experience of their own.

I am hopeful that there are still many others which could be represented by you so please do email me on if you are interested in helping us.

Ideas for activities in each country;

Craft making, food tasting; (awareness of allergies), flag to colour, costumes worn by Parents, or children to dress up in, traditional music playing, traditional dance taught, stories read, teach words/phrases in the language etc.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.