Year 2 have started the Summer Term buzzing! We have been playing fun (there is learning in there, too!) team games first thing in the morning. It has been a real joy watching the boys play together, displaying their teamwork skills.

In Maths, we have focused on Measuring using cm and m. We used our 30cm rulers to measure objects inside, and then managed to avoid the rain and get outside with metresticks to measure parts of the shed, the climbing wall, the goal, etc. We then had to get the trundle wheel out and measure the Garden Pitch. All boys got a turn, which caused great excitement!

In English, we are looking at The Magic Box by Kit Wright. The boys, at first, were immersed in poetry, reading and sharing their favourites with friends and/or the class. We then looked at The Magic Box in great detail with lots of discussion. Boys then worked in pairs to write down what they would put in their own Magic Box, and finally independent work to create a list of what they would put in, as an individual. We are really looking forward to writing and sharing our own versions when complete.

Year 2 Teach