Year 2 have now completed ‘The Magic Box’ poems and how well they did! The boys have used some amazing and beautiful language; they should be very proud of themselves. Mrs Brownsdon came to the classroom to hear some of their work and to celebrate their achievements with us.

We then moved on to Instructional texts and what perfect timing with the Coronation approaching! Making things to eat for the celebration had to be done! The boys, once again, immersed themselves, looking at the format and language of recipes and their instructions – focusing on imperative verbs (more commonly known as “bossy words”!). They were given a Rocky Road recipe, but unfortunately it was all muddled up! They rearranged the instructions and once in the correct order, to their excitement, it was time to follow the instructions and make Rocky Road. With scales and ingredients at the ready, our maths topic of mass and reading scales was implemented and the boys all got involved to weigh everything out and mix things together. It was terrible, as we had to leave them in the fridge overnight. Hopefully, it was worth the wait….!

Mrs R Rix
Year 2 teacher and Science co-ordinator

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