A few Year 4 boys share their experiences of the Coronation:

My Dad took me to London’s China Town, joining the celebrations by the Chinese community.  On the Sunday, it was a sunny, warm day!  Three of my siblings came.  We sat at a large, round table near to the stage.  There was a huge pot of food that we shared.  My favourite part was the shows; there were many Chinese traditional performances including a lion dance and Chinese opera.  I really enjoyed it!

Jonathan (4CS)

On Friday 5 May, we celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III at school. The whole school had a picnic on the driveway which was decorated with Union Jack bunting. There was a delicious selection of food including sandwiches, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, hula hoops, vegetable sticks and strawberries. After lunch, there was an assembly where we sang a song written by Joanna Forbes L’Estrange who came to teach it to us. We wore homemade crowns and prizes were awarded. I won in my class. It was a special day!

Xander (4CM)

On Friday 5 May at school, we had a bog lunch celebrating King Charles 3rd’s coronation. Last year we did the same thing for the Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee. There were cake stands on every table with lovely food. After our big lunch the had a whole school assembly and in that assembly they announced the winners for the crown competition and bench competition and for the crown competition, I was one of the winners! Earlier in the day we were taught Sing for the King by Joanna L’Estrange she wrote the song and she has also sung in the Harry Potter films. Her name reminds of Bellatrix L’Strange.

The day was really enjoyable and I will never forget it.

Ben (4GH)