This week, Year 2 have been focusing on Capacity in Maths, Connectives in English and Friction in Science. It’s been an exciting one!

On Tuesday, we went outside in the beautiful weather with a bucket of water, measuring jugs and lots of containers. Boys estimated the amount of water in each container and then measured the actual amount. It was wonderful to be outside and not worrying how much water was spilt! Back in the classroom, boys have been taught what connectives are and how to use them. They wrote their own sentences using these connectives and at the end of the week, wrote their own versions of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Finally, Friction was the Force in Science this week and after some theory(!), we then had to investigate. We got the ramps out and a car and sent the car down on different surfaces on four different ramps. The boys have written a Prediction, Fair Test and Conclusion for the first time in Year 2 and they all did really well!