The Year 2 gardening club swung into activity on Thursday with a full program of spring activity on a beautiful sunny day.  Our first activity was to plant a seed which the boys would take home and grow on.  Each boy filled a flowerpot with compost and selected from three types of seed.  The choices they had were a Sunflower, a Calendula seed or a Nasturtium seed (the boys love eating the peppery leaves). An added bonus is that the flowers look great on top of a salad.

Our next job was to add compost and bulk up the soil around the potatoes, four bags of potatoes that boys had planted earlier in the season.  The potato plants now look very healthy, and the stakes and leaves are now well above the potato sack.  What fun the boys had in adding this compost carefully ensuring they did not damage the plants.

The boys then discovered the Chive plants and thoroughly enjoyed picking some of the leaves to eat.  The general consensus was that the boys really liked chives and there was some excitement as they chewed on these.

Finally, Henry H discovered a bug of some description (see the photo). The creature was in a chrysalis and moving around inside.  It was a sort of pale orange and the boys turned to Mrs. Blyth and me as the founts of gardening knowledge for the answer!  Sadly, we were found wanting!  I did timidly postulate that it might be a mayfly about to hatch, based solely on the fact that we are in May!

We had such fun and achieved a great deal.  If there is time today, we may be able to get the boys to choose a different seed to grow on, however time is short, but we will do our best.

Charles Hutchison
Mrs. Blyth