On Thursday 25 May, two of The New Beacon Teams (1st IV & 2nd IV) travelled to St Andrew’s Prep in Eastbourne to shoot a shoulder to shoulder match following on from the Y6 & Y7 match in March.

NBSRC – 1st IV
Carlo C
George C
Luigi DS
Damien H
Non travelling reserve: James S

Unfortunately, the 1st team lost the match to a strong opposition who all shot well with their top scorer posting a 99. In this discipline shooting away from home is a big disadvantage (as St Andrew’s found out when their 1st team last competed against us on the neutral ground at Tonbridge School and lost to us).  The boys were disappointed with their scores and knew they missed a great opportunity to push up their personal best scores (the St Andrew’s range is indoors cancelling out the wind factor). They also saw first-hand proof that mastering concentration was needed throughout, not just at the start or the end or indeed just the middle bit!

NBSRC – 2nd IV
Ethan M
Edward B
Thomas P
Nicholas T
Non travelling reserve: Conor M

Unfortunately, the 2nd team were also short on the score count to St Andrew’s. Their second team score was virtually equal to their 1st team. The NBSRC 2nd team score was 363 to St Andrew’s 373. The 2nd team were slightly happier having outscored our 1st team and having Thomas as top scorer with his 95.

Another match (the PSRA’s Hammond Cup) will be run in the next 10 days and all 4 teams will be competing again this time in a national postal match where we will have the opportunity to beat St Andrews and get even.

The following boys have been awarded their NBSRC Team badge for their first selection representing the school on the range:

Carlo C, George C, Luigi D, Thomas P.

Mr Prongue
Shooting Master