We are proud to announce the arrival of our very own bees at The New Beacon.

Having previously hired our bees and handed them back to their owners earlier this year, our very own expert apiarist, Mr Jackson, took delivery of two colonies of bees during the half term holiday.

All the honey extracted from our rental bees was sold and the proceeds put towards the purchase of our very own bees.  What an achievement!

We had been waiting and keeping our fingers crossed for a perfect weather window for the bees to be transported from Andover in Hampshire and they arrived safely by post last Thursday.

Today’s job was to inspect the two hives and to help them to get established by feeding them a solution of sugar water.  Both queens were identified and are doing their jobs well, laying plenty of new eggs. All was looking good.

Fingers crossed for a future filled with contented bees.

What amazing learning opportunities these little creatures afford the boys!

Well done Mr Jackson.

To watch the video, please follow this link to our Facebook page.