Today the highlight was that the boys were going to feed the ducks.  The pair of ducks are nesting on the Mo Po (our school pond).  We all rushed down and lined the edge of the perimeter fence.  We had the duck food prepared and ready but no sign of the ducks!.  What were we to do?  Well one of boys suggested rattling the food container and, almost immediately the two ducks flew, but seeing the excited boys flew off again.  More rattling of the duck food and after a while in flew the male.  The boys all took some duck pellets and soon the drake was happily feeding right next to the boys.  Feeling she was missing out the female duck approached more carefully but was soon enjoying the duck food as the boys continued to watch the two birds up close.  Such excitement from us all and I think we will do this again with both year two classes as it was such a success and great fun.

After this we moved down to our garden spot, watered the potatoes, radishes, garlic strawberries and other plants..  Once this was done the boys started weeding until that they remembered the had enjoyed eating the chive leaves and a scrum emerged to denude the plant.  We took the flowers from the chive to take home.  Taking so much of the chive will not hurt it as new more tender leaves will appear.  Another great day in the calendar of the year two gardening club.