On Monday, 19 June Year 7 will be visiting Reculver Country Park and its adjacent coastline. A practical study of longshore drift on the beach will be undertaken. A variety of land uses will be examined, including coastal defences.

Timings: The coach will depart at 8.45am and arrive back around 4.00pm. If the coach is late back a clarion call message will be sent.


  • Wear PE kit and school tracksuits.
  • Trainers (or similar supportive footwear) should be worn
  • Pack a waterproof in the event of inclement weather.
  • Ensure sunscreen is applied prior to coming to school and a school sun cap is worn.
  • A rucksack/ bag will help carry the things they require along the walk.

Equipment: I will provide all the necessary maps, paper and stationery.

Camera: Digital cameras (not the highly expensive sort) are welcome

Break, packed lunch and a small rucksack: They must bring their usual break time snack, together with a packed lunch, with drinks (please remember NO NUT-BASED PRODUCTS).

Please advise on the form below any ailments/ allergies your son may have.

The cost of the trip is in the region of £20.

Please complete the form below by Monday, 12 June to grant permission for your son to attend.