Oaks and Chestnut trees are now available to some Junior School and Pre-Prep parents/boys.

In the autumn, you may recall that the boys were asked to take a walk in the countryside to identify Oak tree, Beech, Horse Chestnut and Sweet Chestnut trees.  They were asked to bring back the nuts from these trees and to grow them at school and watch them develop.

The first task was to hibernate them and so they were put in the fridge to simulate winter.  On their release we planted them, watered them and waited.  We lined a couple of transparent plastic bottles, filled the inside with earth, put holes in the bottom for drainage and slipped an acorn down between the plastic and the lining.  We did this to show what would be happening in the pots before the young shoot appeared.  We could see the tap root emerge and move down well before the sapling emerged above ground.

In the class rooms we soon we had a number of Oak trees and a couple of Sweet Chestnuts which we have been growing.  The boys are responsible for their maintenance and some of our trees are now about 24cm high.  It is now time to find a new home where these small saplings can grow and thrive.

If you have a home with enough space for one of these little trees to grow big then please send an e-mail to your teacher. We will put your name into a hat and there will be a lucky dip with the boys from the Pre-Prep and Junior school pulling out the lucky winners.  During planting we would be grateful if you could send us pictures of this with your son and we would also be grateful if you could send us an annual picture with your boy standing beside.  We can then see both growing up together.

We totally understand if the tree does not survive as we are new at growing trees and may have restricted the roots or restricted them in some way, however if they do thrive it would be great to see this.

This autumn we would hope to repeat the whole process again.

Mr Hutchison