The sun has been beating down on our Year Two garden, so our primary objective was to ensure the potatoes and vegetables were well watered.   The water butts are empty, so the boys set to work filling up the jugs of water and shuttled backwards and forwards to help the thirsty plants.  However, prior to this, the boys were asked to estimate and write down how many potatoes that they would harvest from the fourteen potatoes that were initially planted.  The boys’ estimates were collected and when we come to harvest the potatoes the boy whose estimate is nearest will win a prize.  “What’s the prize?” was the immediate response. “It’s to be a surprise!” we replied cleverly dodging the question….as we had not yet thought that through!

Following the watering, the boys set about weeding the plants and harvesting the radishes.  Today (Friday) the boys will be given these, and we hope that enjoy the crispness and heat they give.  Another good day in the garden.

Charles Hutchison and Jane Blyth